What does Mini Camp Mallorca do?


Mini Camp Mallorca offers adventure activities in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

The MCM overnight program will be on a weekly basis. The accommodation will be in a idyllic and beautiful Finca with all the amenities and facilities the kids will need. There will be a swimming pool and plenty of outside space for play. The MCM Finca is close to Inca; 15 min to Alcudia bay.

In order to make the camp as unique and personal as possible we chose to avoid catering for large groups which is the concept of most other summer camps. We wanted to offer more individuality and for us to be able to give the best in terms of care, quality, confort and attention. Creating a family atmosphere where everyone is included and feels the love is a big part of who we are and what we want this experience to be about!

The day will start with a delicious, wholesome and healthy breakfast and then the guides will detail all the activities in the morning meeting. The children will help the instructors to prepare all the necessary technical gear of the day so this way they can learn more about the activities.

Then let the big adventure begin!

Every week in the mornings there will be a mix of outdoor adventure sports and farm activities in the vegetable garden and with the animals. In the afternoons we will be entertaining with fun activities at the house. Ball and pool games, trampoline, gymkhana and several different workshops are what we have in our program.

We will be taking them to places that will really surprise and make them appreciate the wonderful things that nature has to offer. Our local knowledge will allow them to see places that others will never find.

We are very proud to mention that in year 2015, Mallorca has been chosen by the Times newspaper as ‘The best place in the world to live’, and our Sierra de Tramuntana has been declared a world heritage site by Unesco.

Our meals will be prepared with nutrition and health an important priority. But also with the knowledge that it should be centered around the sort of food that kids can look forward to and enjoy. Especially important when they are away from home.

For Mini Camp Mallorca participants the children need to have some basic skills. They must be confident swimmers and enjoy nature and adventure. Enthusiasm and positivity is a must to make the whole experience work as a group together. If the kids fit these requirements then Mini Camp Mallorca will be their best decision. This will be a multi cultural adventure too, and we hope that it adds to the excitement of learning and getting to know new friends from different backgrounds opening up their minds and their horizons.

The main language spoken will be English, but we will also be teaching some basic Spanish and we hope that the children may feel inspired to take it a step further offering them greater opportunities in their life as well as the chance to be a bilingual.

Our objectives are to maximize the children’s vision of the outdoor life and what it is happening in a small farm. They will be experiencing a quality of life that educates and excites them. In today’s techno world kids are missing out on valuable lessons because computers, social media, and multiple TV channels have taken over their free time and thinking. Because of this many children nowadays have lost their appetite for the great adventure and outdoor and country life!

Our aim is to change all that, we want to wake up their curiosity and sense of adventure and give them lots of motivation to be more exploratory wherever they might be.

Life is dictated by what you experience as a child so we want this to be a life-changing event for all the children that come to Mini Camp Mallorca.