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Mini Camp Mallorca is a weekly adventure program for kids. It ‘s an exclusive and unique experience.

Our outdoor adventure activities camp is a diverse range of exciting and creative ideas that we combine with as much love and care as we possibly can.

MCM is a bilingual camp from 8 to 17 years old with a family atmosphere, only catering for small groups, ensuring that we can maximize the amount of fun, quality, and security the children will have. The groups are always similar age.

The week will be packed full of surprises and joy as the kids take in Mallorca’s stunning scenery that offers amazing beauty spots, crystal clear waters and sunshine every day of their holiday! It will be a long lasting education and experience for everyone and will give the children chance to view their worlds and their life in a much more positive , healthy and responsible way.

MCM, Kids Camp from CM Mallorca Productions on Vimeo.